Our first Kickstarter Campaign was successfully funded!

Dear Backers, mercenaries, Gloomhaven adventurers,
This began as the hobby of a little group of crazy designers who love board games that designed improvements for their own games, and then started to dream of taking their designs and share with the community of board gamers around the world.
Today we can say that the dream came true, there are 779 people from all over the world who have liked our work and who believe in us.
Thank you, thank you very much to all of you, for your contributions, for your messages of support, for your good wishes and your feedback.
This month has been one of the most exciting of our lives, we have learned a lot and we have enjoyed it twice.
Thanks also to our fulfillment and shipping partners, the Board Game Revolution community, our families and friends.
Now, we will continue working to deliver the best finished product in the proposed time.
Stay tuned, we will have news very soon, this is only the beginning.
Thank you again, as a great singer once said GRACIAS TOTALES!
The Crafting Kingdoms Team